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About The Book

Honeybees are critical for the world and it’s important our little ones understand their role. It is time you tell your children that a honeybee helps in growing every little fruit and vegetable you eat through a process called pollination.

One of the smartest ways to go about is to get your hands on the honeybee book by Richard Ouellette, the BillyBuzzBee book.

It is a story of a little drone honeybee, BillyBuzzBee. This little honeybee will take the readers on an adventure in the Hive Colony. Meet the friends and tour the colony while introducing your children to the beautiful world of honeybees and what makes our little flying friends important.

Additionally, this bee education book also helps introduce little ones to the concept of friendship.

Why BillyBuzzBee?

Give your child a chance to learn about the different types of honeybees Introduce the young minds to the important role bees play in this world Instill the concept of hard work as honeybees are the perfect example of it.

Apart from this, the book is filled with adorable illustrations filled with green grass, blue skies, and, of course, the black and yellow of our favorite, buzzy friends.

Author Richard Ouellette wishes to inspire kids to be kind to mother nature in this children’s book.

BillyBuzzBee: The World of Honeybees is the first book in Richard Ouellette’s series. Bee on the lookout for more of Richard’s buzz-tastic books—the world of bees awaits!

Book available on Ingram Spark.

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