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About the Author

Buzzing his way to deliver one of the most fun and exciting pieces of children’s books, the brain behind Billy Buzz Bee, Richard Ouellette story is extraordinary.

Growing up in a small town—now a city—little Richard was among a diverse population, one that embodied the values of different cultures and foods. There, he went to school, started his career, and spent many years working for various companies. Before troubleshooting the need for an exciting children’s read, he was troubleshooting telecommunication equipment.

But what sparked his knack for writing children’s books?

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Billy Buzz Bee

The World
of Honey

Book available on Ingram Spark.

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The Bee Idea

BillyBuzzBee: The World of Honeybees, a honey bees book was inspired over lunch at an outdoor patio, where Richard and his friend witnessed our little striped friends at work. During the conversation they saw a boy, terrified of the sight of bees, when they meant absolutely no harm.
The two friends laughed it off, and that’s when their conversation condensed into a deep discussion about the fascinating world of honeybees. Richard, then versed himself with numerous books about honeybees to feed his curiosity and fascination to introduce this masterpiece to the children’s book world.
From then on out, Richard realized that the world needs to be educated enough to appreciate these little furry friends.
This children’s book is the manifestation of this inspiration.