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Buzzing his way to deliver one of the most fun and exciting pieces of children’s books, the brain behind Billy Buzz Bee, childrens book about bees, Richard Ouellette story is extraordinary.

Growing up in a small town—now a city—little Richard was among a diverse population, one that embodied the values of different cultures and foods. There, he went to school, started his career, and spent many years working for various companies. Before troubleshooting the need for an exciting children’s read, he was troubleshooting telecommunication equipment.

But what sparked his knack for writing children’s books?

Richard Ouellette who penned down a book about honey bees, firmly believes that our youth is our last defense for a brighter future. We live in a world that needs care and love, and the best way to educate the children of tomorrow is through a fun and interactive read for both parents and children.

As for the idea behind a book about bees? Richard believes that we need bees in our world. It is only important for people to pass this message on to the next generation to build a better future for the world.

After the passing of his wife, Richard delved into painting as well, which is very evident in the beautiful illustrations in his book. He plans to put his writing and artistic prowess into action in an upcoming project.

He moved out of the city a few years ago and lives in a small town by the water, embracing serenity and solitude, with the only background noises being the sounds of geese instead of the buzz of the city. He says this helps him focus on his writing better.

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